ESEden Sherry, Creative Director, has been creating and managing production software and web services for over 15 years.



JvSJudy van Soldt, Project Director, is an architect, urbanist, project manager, and start-up founder.





Emily Drennen MPA, Director of Government and Community Relations, has been passionate about San Francisco transportation policy for over a decade and most recently worked as a transportation planner at the SFMTA.




Zach Erbe, Director of Product Deployment, is a geographer, web-developer and technologist. Check out his latest work at




Matthew Kroneberger is a recent UCLA grad currently working at EMBARQ in DC.



PEPeter Enzminger is a Master of Urban Planning student at USC, concentrating in transportation and sustainable land use.


WFWinnie Fong is an urban planning aficionado and currently works in public infrastructure financing.



Our team formed during GAFFTA’s Summer of Smart: Sustainability, Transportation, and Energy weekend, 22-24 July 2011.