SMARTmuni is a clean, location-aware interface that solves the data flow problems of running San Francisco’s complex transit system. It runs on top of the public NextBus database, accessing and compiling real time vehicle location data, connecting that information with trouble tickets.

SMARTmuni runs on the iPad platform and is consistent with industry standards, creating an intuitive, friendly interface. Line Managers will trade clipboards and old laptops for an interactive, real-time tool that is easy to use in the field.

Trouble tickets are automatically generated, based on predetermined criteria. Or they can be manually entered. SMARTmuni flags the affected vehicle; just a tap on the screen brings up the ticket.

Active tickets are displayed in the left column and can be filtered by line or geography. Staff work together to resolve them, updating the trouble ticket with their actions and keeping everyone updated on its status. When resolved, the tickets are deleted from the display but are retained in the archive. This lets management search for trends and work proactively to prevent future incidents. And the data collected will be used to “teach” the new communications system when it comes online in 3-5 years.

SMARTmuni – System Management Administered in Real Time