Is SMARTmuni an acronym?
SMART stands for System Management Administered in Real Time.

Who is the app for?
We developed a tool to help MTA staff communicate more effectively with each other to resolve and prevent problems in the system. Today, Line Managers, Operators, Operations Central Control are using an ad hoc system of outdated radios, cell phones, paper forms, and computers. SMARTmuni accesses and organizes data and experience the City already has and combines them in an interactive real-time application.

What’s the technology behind your application?
SMARTmuni runs on the iPad, using public data from the NextBus API to display route, stop, and real-time vehicle location information. Issues and comments are collected in a simple SQL database that is hosted on a server. The iPads sync to this central database in real-time via a standard RESTful XML API, so comments and issues posted on one iPad are replicated to all others within seconds.

Is this app for iPad only?  
Yes, we designed the interface for the Line Managers in the field, where the most sensible device is a tablet. The iPad is far and away the most popular tablet platform. Its market share is growing and many companies and government agencies are issuing them to their field personnel. The server side is platform agnostic so the SMARTmuni SQL database could be accessed from other devices by office staff.

Will the staff be capable of using the technology?
The SMARTmuni interface is intuitive, logical and hierarchic. Whenever feasible, we have been incorporating design and features to make the program consistent with the workflows staff are already used to.



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