Soft Deployment Update – 10/24/2012

giants-champsThe SFMTA had a soft test deployment of the SMARTmuni app on the evening of October 24th, which was Game 1 of the World Series. Nine individuals used our application to monitor and respond to incidents affecting MUNI’s rail system. Among those participating included staff from the Operations and Central Control Room and Line Management Center, field inspectors, managers, and the SMARTmuni team. The soft launch was a success – inspectors in the field had more information than they would have had otherwise, and many lessons were learned that have been useful as we continue to refine the application. The SMARTmuni team hopes to have soft test deployments for diesel and trolley buses within the next week or two.

Request for Awesome!

We’re highlighted as A Case in Point on RequestForAwesome’s website as an example of the inefficiencies present in the non-traditional vendor process. They raise a great point and address the need for this issue to be resolved.

Read the full discussion here:

Things find a way of working out…. We have some good news to share with everyone shortly! Stay tuned.

The Bay Citizen Wants to Know Where Our App Is…

Thanks for asking!

A few of months ago we met with SFMTA Director Reiskin and a few other senior members of the SFMTA staff and they were “blown away” by the project. Dealing with any city bureaucracy we anticipated some push-back, the usual “yes, but…”. We could not have asked for a better reception of the idea, though Director Reiskin made it clear that SFMTA could not pay for the application with its current budget shortfall and other challenges of opening up the project to a competitive bidding process.

We are pursuing private financing alternatives to make this happen and enable SFMTA be a pilot customer.

SFMTA responds that they want to make sure they’ve had time to evaluate the risk and make a sound decision. Hopefully we can prove to SFMTA the application’s usefulness and potential through a privately funded pilot study.

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