SMARTmuni Presents at the American Planning Association Conference

APA CA logoThe California chapter of the American Planning Association invited the SMARTmuni team to present at their 2012 Annual Conference in Rancho Mirage on October 23rd.

Project Director Judy van Soldt was part of a panel entitled, “Drivers of Change in Urban Mobility: Technology, Management and Planning.”

SMARTmuni represents both a traditional and a futuristic solution to transit system management. Existing infrastructure in this 100 year old agency has been managed using clipboards, pencils and an overtaxed two-way radio system. Paper tags are passed hand-to-hand as an issue develops; often multiple radio or mobile phone conversations are required to resolve them. ¬†Implementing the app doesn’t require expensive new physical infrastructure or complicated new work relationships. Inspectors, dispatchers and line managers use SMARTmuni to work together, resolving issues in real time.

The SFMTA – a traditional organization in many ways – is enthusiastically making a futurist’s leap.


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